Celebrate 12 days of GRiZMAS with the Michigan artist himself

The electronic funk producer GRiZ is back in Michigan to celebrate his annual GRiZMAS and needs your help to celebrate with him. While the DJ has become nationally known for his music, his charitable efforts have made waves as well. His sixth annual 12 Days of GRiZMAS goes from December 3-14 across downtown Detroit. You can learn more here: https://12daysofgrizmas.com/

Build a better cheese tray with Dairy Industry's Tina Miller

Turns out, there are so many ways to make a cheese platter with an almost infinite number of combinations. While there aren't rules, there are guidelines to perfect your cheese platter. Here to show you how is Tina Miller of the United Dairy Industry of Michigan

Here's the best ways to raise a giving child

Want to know the best ways to raise a child to be a giving person later on? Lead by example and start with the little things. Holding a door open or picking up someone's pencil is a good place to start. Even explaining the importance of sharing can help.