Metro Detroit's snowy forecast, lawmakers focus on accidental child shootings, city unveils legacy pot program

Metro Detroit is getting one of its heaviest dumps of snow this winter as an expected 4 inches of precipitation is expected to fall in some parts of Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb County.

Forecasts say snow will lighten late into the morning with flurries expected again throughout the day as Southeast Michigan hovers in that just-below-freezing temperature zone.

That temperature range is actually the best condition for commuters to have when it comes to salt effectiveness on the roadways - but that doesn't mean caution should be thrown to the wind.

Snow has been falling throughout Tuesday morning with it beginning to accumulate around midnight. A big weather system was met with cold air from the Rocky Mountains, colliding over the Midwest and moving on to the Northeast.

Michigan is getting hit with some of that weather but not the bulk of it. 

Southern Michigan counties like Hillsdale and Monroe will see about 1-2 inches of snow. Wayne and Washtenaw counties will see a little more and then between 3-4 inches is expected for Oakland, Macomb and Lapeer counties.

A wave of heavy snow is expected to finish in Detroit within the hour and move on to Rochester Hills.

Temperatures will peak at 32 degrees which means roads won't be covered in snow due to salting. MDOT cams over Jefferson and I-94 showed relatively smooth driving for commuters - but precautions should always be taken at times like these.

By 2 p.m., most of Metro Detroit can expect snow to stop falling. By 4 p.m., it'll be done.

Temperatures are expected to take a tumble after that, falling into the teens later on.

This might be the most snow to fall in one sitting, but after the system passes, Michigan will still be far below average for snowfall this year.

Detroit unveils social equity program in city's pot industry

After months of patience and delays in pot sales, the city is jumpstarting its Legacy Detroiters program that offers discounts and waives application fees for potential small business owners who want to open a dispensary.

From April 1 to May 15, only Detroit companies will be eligible for getting a license of recreational pot. After that, it opens to everyone else.

"We are happy to have investors outside the city but Detroit has to have its fair share too," said Mayor Mike Duggan.

Thanks to a city ordinance, residents get preference on who can obtain a marijuana license. The license is also discounted at 50% and property purchased for a dispensary will also come cheap.

"You can get preferences on a property with a 75 percent discount and today, if you go to the website, we have got 17 properties," said Duggan.

So far, nearly 150 applications have been filed by Legacy Detroiters.

2 suspects charged with murder in Clinton Township

A chaotic scene in Detroit ended when two suspects that allegedly shot and killed two teenage girls from Clinton Township crashed at the intersection of 8 Mile and Gratiot. 

Now, 20-year-old Dajuan Davenport and 19-year-old Darrel Banks are in a hospital, under guard by police

The double murder happened Friday afternoon at the Knottingham apartment complex in Clinton Township. A complicated relationship between the two parties was evident, but police declined to elaborate on what exactly.

One witness at the scene said they could tell "it was multiple guns" and one was definitely shooting an automatic weapon.

Police said the suspects fired close to 40 rounds at the women while waiting for them to exit the residence. 

In the victim's car, a 1-year-old child somehow was unharmed. Some bullet holes near the apartment complex still visible Monday afternoon. 

They're expected to be arraigned on homicide and felony firearm charges later today.

Accidental child shootings keep happening

Last Sunday, a child got ahold of a gun in a home on Hubbell Street and accidentally shot himself. He's in stable condition at a hospital. Last week, an 18-month-old toddler got their hands on a firearm and accidentally killed a 5-year-old boy when the gun discharged.

The incidents aren't isolated to Detroit. The same thing happened in Lansing on Friday. 

But the message everywhere is the same: please secure and store your guns properly

"Tragic, 18-months, how does that happen? It happens because a person is just flatly irresponsible and they need to be held accountable," Chief James Craig said.

The owners of the guns are often charged - but a lawmaker wants to codify specific consequences for those negligent in the deaths of children at the hands of firearms.

"When you have that gun you know that there's a consequence if you let that gun get into the hands of a child," said State Rep. John Cherry. "The idea behind this legislation is that if this situation happens that prosecutors do have the tools - no matter the surrounding circumstances - to be able to take action,"

The penalties would vary based on the severity of the shooting - a death could result in the gun owner facing a 15-year felony.

Home improvement booms as pandemic drags on

At the moment, U.S. existing home sales have climbed to their highest level in 14 years. That means preferences toward fixer-uppers and remodelings are at a high.

It would make sense then that home improvement projects are booming, along with the industry that supports it.

A lobbyist for the Homebuilders Association of Michigan says some of its members are making 30 to 40% more than they were in 2019.

Primarily, customers want to enhance their remote work and learning experience.

"You’re seeing all your walls and you decide you want to change things because you’re spending so much time at home," Dawn Crandall said.

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As you would suspect, a good part of daylight on Tuesday will be spent with snow falling on Metro Detroit. Temperatures will get up to freezing before falling back into the teens. More cold weather is expected to follow in the coming days.

First known U.S. case of Brazilian COVID-19 variant discovered in Minnesota

A variant of COVID-19 that originated in Brazil has been discovered in a Minnesota patient, officials say. It is the first known case documented in the United States.  

The Minnesota Department of Health said the variant, known as Brazil P.1 variant, was found in a person who had recently traveled to Brazil.

The variant is thought to be more easily spread than the original COVID-19 strain, but it is not known if it causes more severe illness.

Officials say the person is a resident of the Twin Cities metro area. They first became sick in early January and were tested Jan. 9. After their initial positive test, MDH officials told the person to isolate. MDH staff are now re-interviewing them for more details.

"These cases illustrate why it is so important to limit travel during a pandemic as much as possible," said State Epidemiologist Dr. Ruth Lynfield in a statement. "If you must travel, it is important to watch for symptoms of COVID-19, follow public health guidance on getting tested prior to travel, use careful protective measures during travel, and quarantine and get tested after travel."