Charges considered after 8-year-old child shot, Door Dash driver steals puppy, electoral college count today

The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office is weighing possible charges against a 20-year-old after he allegedly shot his sister in the head.

The 8-year-old girl at last check remained in critical condition after she went through surgery, following the shooting.

The incident happened at the 12 North apartment complex in Southfield Sunday night around 7 p.m.

"The fact that it happened to an 8-year-old a few feet floors above me, that's crazy," Candace Smith, a neighbor said. "Corona has brought out some crazy stuff."

Police haven't disclosed what events led up to the shooting, but indicated more information would be available after a decision from the prosecutor's office was announced.

Police did say the child's mother and another sibling were in the residence at the time, however, police expected charges would only come for one individual.

"It is important that a child is your number one priority. It should always be your priority, whether you're a 20-year-old sibling or your a mother or father," Smith said.

Family of newlywed killed in hit-and-run want closure

The suspect in a fatal hit-and-run that struck a newlywed couple and killing one of them has yet to be caught, even as the family of the victim seeks closure and justice.

"My sister deserves justice she did not deserve this. she had so many plans for the new year," said Brooke Caruana.

Her sister, Faith, had just gotten married to her wife Haley when they were on their way to ring in the new year with family when police say a white van crossed into the lane and struck their car head-on.

The crash happened on Ford Road and John Daly in Dearborn Heights.

"Someone from the other van ran towards me and said are you okay and at that point, I was in shock. I was like, 'What the heck?'" said Haley.

Haley escaped with minor injuries. A bystander who had just gotten off work at the hospital ran to the crash to help Faith. The efforts would render her on life support for two days. 

The night Faith died, the family held a vigil giving testament to the lives she touched in her 24 years.

"Faith loves so hard. She was stubborn and goofy and the best person I had ever met in my entire life," said Nicole Mintz, a friend. 

Door Dash driver steals puppy from Warren family on camera

An eight-week-old puppy named Bella and Christmas present for Ashley Swinton and her family was stolen on New Years Day by a food delivery driver visiting the home.

Swinton said nobody realized the dog was gone until "it dawned on me she was gone."

"We thought she was outside until we backtracked the cameras and found out she was actually stolen," she said.

Spotted on surveillance, as clear as day, is a driver working for Door Dash who enters a screened-in porch area, drops off the food before picking up the puppy, and walking away with it.

After word went to law enforcement, a detective with the Dearborn Heights Police Department sprung into action. Detective Brian Price, a 12-year veteran and owner of two dogs himself, was assigned to the case.

It took two days to track down the 26-year-old woman.

"I followed up and was able to locate the suspect and the dog in the 11 Mile and Van Dyke area," Price said.

The suspect is now facing four years for larceny.

Warnock defeats Loeffler, Ossoff-Perdue race to close to call

In one of the more surprising results in political lore for Americans to wake up to, a Democrat has won one of Georgia's two Senate seats after Rev. Raphael Warnock defeated incumbent Kelly Loeffler, pulling the party within one seat and a majority in the Senate.

In remarks that Warnock gave early Wednesday after the race was called by the Associated Press, the 51-year-old pastor referenced the poverty-stricken childhood he grew up in when he was younger. 

During the November election, Warnock pulled in a third of the vote from a 20-candidate race. Loeffler, who held off a challenge from Republican Doug Collins, faced a tough challenge in a rapidly changing Georgia electorate. 

In the other race, Democrat Jon Ossoff held a slim lead over incumbent David Perdue - however, the race remained too close to call. Many of the outstanding votes come from mail-in ballots from Democrat-leaning counties, an indicator that Ossoff may seal the fate of the next Congress with a Democrat majority in both ends of the legislative branch.

7-car crash leads to woman getting ejected from car

A seven-car crash at St Martins Avenue and Lindsay Street in Detroit Tuesday afternoon has left one 20-year-old woman hospitalized in serious condition after she was ejected during the melee. 

Witnesses say the crash was caused by drivers speeding through the neighborhood. A Dodge Challenger and a Honda were street racing when they crashed, colliding with two parked vehicles.

They crashed into two other vans and one other vehicle was flipped.

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