Inkster tenants brace for heat without A/C • swim-up bars in Michigan • Suspects flee Red Roof Inn shooting

Extreme heat will have Metro Detroit feeling above 105 degrees Wednesday.

An excessive heat warning has been issued beginning at noon Wednesday through 8 a.m. Thursday. Cooling centers are open in Detroit for those looking to escape the heat.

More: 105+ temps coming to SE Michigan

Seven recreation centers and seven library branches are available. COVID-19 protocols will still be in place so face masks are required and temperature checks will be conducted. PPE and bottled water are provided.

The hours of the recreation centers vary by location, while the library cooling centers will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday. Capacity is limited to 50%, and there is a two-hour limit for the libraries. 

Recreation cooling centers:

  • Adams Butzel Complex, 10500 Lyndon (M-F, 8 AM-9 PM; Saturday 10 AM-6 PM)
  • Farwell Recreation Center, 2711 E. Outer Drive (M-F, 11 AM – 7 PM; not open Saturdays)
  • Lasky Recreation Center, 13200 Fenelon (M-F, 1 PM – 9 PM; not open Saturdays)
  • Patton Recreation Center, 2301 Woodmere (M-F, 8 AM – 9 PM; Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM)
  • Kemeny Recreation Center, 2260 S. Fort (M-F, 8 AM-9 PM; Saturday 10 AM-6 PM)
  • Crowell Recreation Center, 16630 Lahser (M-F, 1 PM – 9 PM; not open Saturdays)
  • Heilmann Recreation Center, 19601 Crusade (M-F, 8 AM – 9 PM; Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM)

Library cooling centers:

  • Main Library, 5201 Woodward Avenue
  • Campbell Branch, 8733 W. Vernor Hwy.
  • Edison Branch, 18400 Joy Road
  • Jefferson Branch, 12350 E. Outer Dr.
  • Parkman Branch, 1766 Oakman Blvd.
  • Redford Branch, 21200 W. Grand River Avenue
  • Wilder Branch, 7140 E. Seven Mile Road

Additionally, Detroit public schools will be letting its students out three hours early today and the rest of the week. 

Dearborn and Eastpointe have also canceled classes today while Southfield will be remote.

Check the map of open recreation centers here

Michigan swimmers can now order and drink booze in public pools

Now residents can have their drink and swim with it too. A new legislation aimed at Michigan businesses loosens the rules on food and alcohol consumption in public swimming pools. On Tuesday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill that allows service of alcoholic drinks to swimmers under certain circumstances.

A release from Whitmer said it "creates entrepreneurial opportunities" that enables businesses to "maximize business" this summer.

"Offering unique experiences for families and visitors in a safe, well-regulated manner is an important goal as we look toward the future of Michigan’s hospitality industry," said Rep. John Cherry, D-Flint. I’m proud to work with my colleagues to offer these new opportunities for economic expansion, giving a boost to mid-Michigan businesses." 

"The Bavarian Inn Zehnder Family applauds Governor Whitmer and the Legislators for approving the swim up bar legislation," said Michael Keller Zehnder, Bavarian Inn Lodge in a release. "This will enable hospitality business operators the opportunity to provide a new experience for their guests which will boost the Michigan Tourism Industry." For businesses to serve alcohol at public pools, they'll need to pay an annual fee for an on-premises public swimming pool permit of $350.

Read the details of the law here

Residents of Inkster high-rise without a/c brace for heat wave

There will likely be no relief from Wednesday’s scorching temperatures at Thompson Towers in Inkster. "I just wish they’d start taking care of this place and start treating people the way they need to be treated," said resident Engeree Porter. Several people living there say they’re once again without air conditioning.

"I just called the office the other day - and I don’t want them to be mad at me, but we're hot and I’m fed up," said resident Jordan Sankey. Residents say the air conditioning has been out for a few weeks. There are several people at the 300-unit apartment building that are elderly, disabled, or in poor health.

Thompson Towers isn’t the only apartment building with HVAC issues on the eve of a heatwave. The Detroit Housing Commission says the a/c was temporarily interrupted at the Sheridan Place Apartments just outside of downtown, but it was restored Tuesday.

FOX 2 reached out to Thompson Tower for comment but received no response. But a tenant there said when they called the office to complain they were told management is working on the issue.

Watch the interviews with tenants here.

Pro-abortion activists, one wearing fig leaves interrupt church mass in Eastpointe

A church in Eastpointe served as the venue for a pro-abortion demonstration - and the witnesses say if the goal was to get a strong reaction - it worked. One video clip posted to TikTok shows two demonstrators at St. Veronica's Catholic Church, one wearing nothing but fig leaves standing up during a Sunday service in opposition to the church’s views of abortion.

The 45-second clip continues as one of the protestors is forcibly removed from the Eastpointe church, the second person walked out on her own, followed by an usher. FOX 2 showed the video to a woman who lives near the church in Eastpointe. While she doesn't attend the church in question, she does have strong feelings for the way the message was delivered.

"There is always a time and a place for everything. That was disturbing," said Janae Parham. She’s not alone in feeling that way. The Archdiocese of Detroit is aware of the same video which has since been removed from TikTok and issued this statement:

This demonstration from Sunday comes as a nation anticipates a US Supreme Court ruling to overturn abortion rights at a federal level. FOX News reports a decision could come as soon as tomorrow or before the court breaks for summer recess. 

See reaction to the TikTok here.

Suspects in possible Melvindale Red Roof Inn shooting escape amid police situation

For nearly 3 hours early Tuesday morning a police situation played out at the Melvindale Red Roof Inn on Dix Road near Oakwood. Police say they saw three suspicious white men enter the Red Roof Inn on bicycles - one was wearing a mask. But when officers arrived, they heard a single gunshot echo somewhere within the hotel.

"The whole SWAT team came here once there were shots fired," said Jeff Bolton, Melvindale police safety commissioner. "Officers secured it from the outside and that's when we need it all the reinforcements to come here."

The Downriver SWAT team, and area police set up a perimeter with guns drawn and blocked off Dix Road.  Police searched anybody coming out of the hotel, while area schools were locked down too. "They were locked down out of precaution because we had to find out what was going on," Bolton said.

The SWAT team searched every room within the hotel. But it appeared the individuals fled down the stairway and ran out to the side door and remain at large. "A gunman in a hotel is a scary situation but it seems to be clear right now," Bolton said. Why these three were at the Red Roof Inn is unknown. No one was injured. And there never was a barricaded situation.

Watch the interview with police here

What else we're watching

  1. Could the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion drop today? The high court will release a round of opinions its ruled on around 10 a.m. Wednesday. While no noises were made on Monday, the next series of opinions could shake the U.S. politically and culturally.
  2. James Craig and Perry Johnson have both filed lawsuits against the company that conducted signature gathering for them after thousands of fraudulent signings were reported. It happened the same day Craig filed to run as a write-in candidate and Johnson hinted at another future race.  
  3. Ford's recalls are starting to pile up. Yesterday, the automaker said it was recalling almost 50,000 Mustang Mach-E's over safety rules. And those aren't the only vehicles its conducting maintenance on. 
  4. Were you charged extra money after shopping at Meijer this weekend? You wouldn't be the only one if you were. The grocery store chain says issues with Chase Bank led to people getting charged more than what they purchased. In some cases, they were charged more than $1,500. 
  5. A new state-of-the-art training center for carpenters in Michigan is opening today in the city of Detroit. Mike Duggan and Sec. of Labor Marty Walsh will also be in attendance.  

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In case you haven't heard, it's going to be hot today. Very hot. The heat index will be above 100 degrees for those unable to escape the elements. 

Goodbye, Internet Explorer: Microsoft retires browser after 27 years

Microsoft is saying goodbye to Internet Explorer after more than 25 years.

The tech giant announced in May it will discontinue the browser beginning June 15, 2022, and encouraged users to switch to Microsoft Edge.

"Not only is Microsoft Edge a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it is also able to address a key concern: compatibility for older, legacy websites and applications," the company said.