Trooper in critical condition from gunfire • New EV charging company • Chesterfield suspect's rap sheet

Two people are in custody and a Michigan State trooper is in critical condition after being struck by gunfire while doing surveillance in Detroit.

The trooper, a 10-year veteran of the force, was taken to the hospital after he was hit multiple times in the body. He's under evaluation at Sinai Grace Hospital after someone opened fire at home around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Police moved people out of the apartment complex on Riverview Street near Telegraph and I-96 Tuesday morning after gunfire was reported from the area. The police are also seeking a search warrant for the complex.  

The latest update from the police investigation came around 8:20 a.m. when two individual were arrested during a traffic stop in Detroit. According to Police Lt. Mike Shaw, the individuals were arrested in the Romulus/Inkster area and are believed to be connected to the situation.

A large police presence was spotted on the I-96 service drive and Riverview Street on the city's west side.

The shooting happened in the 14000 block of Riverview where a trooper was working undercover as part of a surveillance operation at an apartment complex. At some point during the morning, an individual shot at the trooper from above, possibly through a second story window. 

The trooper was taken to the hospital while the gunman is missing. 

Everything from K9 units to bomb squads and police helicopters were activated for the scene. 

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ShotSpotter vote in Detroit Tuesday

A scheduled vote on the technology was moved from last week to today by the Detroit City Council. It's still unclear what the final vote will look like, but at least three council members are no-votes. That includes District 2 Member Angela Whitfield-Calloway.

The technology has already been deployed in her district, only contributing to 21 arrests from more than 1,300 police runs between March 2021 and July 2022. "I cannot support spending $8 million on in my opinion, failed technology," said Calloway. James White said that vantage point was the wrong perspective when considering the effectiveness of the technology. "If you use arrests as your only measurement for success of ShotSpotter, you're missing the point," he said.

"We have a 42% reduction in violent crimes in our two-most violent precincts. We're reporting 16.9% reduction in violent crimes citywide - one of the few major cities that's doing that." 

The expansion vote would fund $8.5 million in new ShotSpotter technology around Detroit. While proponents believe any effort to stem violence is the right decision, others believe it is a waste of resources. 

Learn more about the controversial technology here.

Brothers start electric car charging station business

Hot off the heels of the Detroit Auto Show where electric cars were the focus, two Metro Detroit brothers are embarking on a business together. Ali Bazzi and his brother Mo started out with the purchase of a Tesla and a belief that they need to be a part of this industry. Their idea: If the electric cars are coming, why not be the company where customers go to plug in.

"We have 300 contracts that we are dealing with right now - plazas, gas stations, universities, physical therapy centers," Ali said. You can add shopping malls and gyms to the Elia Car Charging Stations list that grows by the day, all in Wayne County so far. FOX 2 met them at the site of their first location, the BP at Plymouth and Beech Daly in Redford Township. 

They plan to be operational there by week's end. And as for the 299 customers, they have a contract with, Ali says he expects more by the end of the month. It is an ambitious undertaking for two brothers to enter a fast-growing industry with a lot of unknowns, but they do have help coming from Madison Heights.

The business model works like this: Their company Elias Car Charging pays the upfront cost to install the chargers. "You pay by the minute, so how many kilowatt-hours this thing shoots out and how many miles you need," he said. "So if you look, and you have 30 miles left, and you're good with it, unplug it and put it back in."

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Suspect in Chesterfield Township murder had 30-year criminal history

Arthur Williamson was arrested for the fatal Friday stabbing of WWJ NewsRadio 950 overnight newsman Jim Matthew. It was an attack that also saw Matthews girlfriend, and their two kids seriously injured. Williamson was in court Monday. He’s charged with First degree murder, felony murder, assault with intent to murder and unlawful imprisonment.

State records show Williamson with a criminal history dating back nearly 30 years. According to data from the Michigan Department of Corrections. He has convictions for:

  • Assault.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Assault with intent to commit murder.
  • Illegal weapons possession along with drugs
  • Assaulting, resisting, and obstructing a police officer.

Chesterfield Township police say officers found him in the basement of the terrifying murder scene, overdosing and suffering self-inflicted wounds. He was brought back around with Narcan. A family member of 55-year-old murder suspect Arthur Williamson was genuinely surprised when FOX 2 told them of Monday's arraignment on murder charges.

How Williamson knew the victims is unclear but Macomb County Prosecutor said he was "not an unwelcome guest." Neighbors say Williamson would visit the house as many as four times a week while Jim Matthews, who was an overnight news anchor for 950 WWJ, was sleeping.

Read more updates about the case here

Why Michigan's gas prices are back up

It’s almost like everyone blinked and gas prices went up. Triple  A says gas prices went up 13 cents compared to a week ago. Unfortunately, Metro Detroit has the highest prices in the state. And for the first time in several weeks — gas prices are now over the $4 threshold.    

On Greenfield in Southfield, drivers are paying up to $4.39 per gallon of regular unleaded. That’s above average — even for Metro Detroit, where the average price is $4 a gallon. That is second only to Marquette as the most expensive in Michigan. But we want to know why did gas jump .13 to .14 cents in a week.

Great Lakes states were hit by multiple issues when unplanned refinery maintenance in the Midwest along with a refinery fire in Ohio have led to an increase in prices. 

The unexpected hike follows a 98-day free fall for gas prices from Michigan’s record high of $5.22 back in June.

More on why Michigan gas prices are climbing back up.

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Hurricane Ian strengthens to Category 2 in Caribbean; Tampa Bay, Florida braces for major threat

Hurricane Ian continues to strengthen in the Caribbean Sea on Monday, and the FOX Forecast Center expects the storm to rapidly intensify into a major hurricane by Monday night or early Tuesday as it approaches western Cuba. A Hurricane Warning has been issued for parts of Florida's Gulf Coast, including the Tampa Bay area, ahead of the expected wind, rain and storm surge from Hurricane Ian later this week.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis urged Floridians to take precautions and declared a state of emergency for all 67 counties ahead of the impacts of Hurricane Ian, which could reach Category 4 intensity by later Tuesday in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.

Some mandatory evacuations were ordered Monday in the Tampa Bay area.